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Marketing is changing faster than ever. While many marketers ventured out to a few events this past year, 2024 is shaping up to be a big year for marketing events. This is also putting pressure on marketing event organizers to bring back the magic to create the best marketing event they can in a competitive market.

Are you looking for the most amazing marketing events to attend in 2024? We have you covered!

We attend industry events so we can learn from marketing’s top thinkers and speakers and stay on top of the latest trends in the marketing industry. But you might also meet your new best friend, find a new marketing tool to make your job easier, and get to spend some quality in-person time with your boss or your colleagues at one of these 2024 marketing conferences.

Has there ever been a time when the marketing world has changed so much in such a short time? Over the past few years, the world has shifted dramatically to adjust to the requirements of operating in times of great opportunity and uncertainty.

That has included the changes in consumer behavior, the threat (and what I think is an opportunity) of Artificial Intelligence, and all that is impacting the ways marketing teams operate in today’s business environment.

According to Forbes, one way to be sure you’re staying in-the-know is to attend marketing events and conferences throughout the year. This is easier than ever now that many events have digital components that eliminate the need to travel in order to participate.

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Marketing conferences are also perfect opportunities to network with peers in the industry and stay inspired throughout the year by learning about new ideas.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best marketing conferences for 2024. It’s a list of some of my favorites that I recommend you check out. I’ve spoken at nearly all of these so I can talk first-hand about the value and quality of the event. And if you are looking for a speaker at your marketing event, please let me know right away. My calendar is booking up fast!

Quick Takeaways:

  • Marketing events and conferences offer the opportunity to both learn and build connections in the industry
  • Many marketing events are going to continue with their own versions of “phygital marketing” (offering in-person and digital components)
  • Registering early for many of the events below can lead to discounts and other perks
  • One of the best ways to figure out whether an event is for you is to check out the previous year’s program and their speakers

How I Identify The Best Marketing Conferences Each Year

I’ve been to more than 100 different marketing events in the past 10 years or so! So every year, I include the events I KNOW are the best because I’ve been there and I go back every year.

I also look for a few events I haven’t heard of or been to but that seem really interesting. So, I included a few of those here as well. I haven’t traveled overseas in a few years, so I only included one non-US event this year. (But if you know of any “can’t miss” marketing events outside the US, please add a comment.)

The best event for you will likely depend on your specific industry niche and service specialties. Be sure to check them all out to find the one(s) that will provide the most value for you!

One of the best ways to tell if one of these marketing events is one you don’t want to miss is to look at the quality and caliber of the keynote speakers. Are these people who know what they’re doing and share it without promoting themselves? Are they random lists of brand marketers who haven’t spoken before? Or professional and experienced speakers?

With the right budget, anyone can get Oprah to speak at their event and Coldplay to do a concert. But we’re looking for quality not quantity of people. Events that only go after brand-side speakers  who have never spoken before, or those big-name celebrities are just trying to sell as many tickets as they can.

You can also tell something about an event by the way in which it is marketed. The marketers I know marketing many of the events below are the best in the business. They use super creative ways to keep us engaged.

Ok so without further ado, here are your best marketing events in 2024.

Best Marketing Events 2024

B2B Marketing Exchange

Dates: February 26 – 28, 2024

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

This is a core event for B2B marketing, covering the current issues in B2B, including Demand Generation, Messaging Frameworks, AI and Audience Centricity. Is there yoga in the morning? You bet.

I try to go this event about every other year and have spoken hear a handful of times. I love to re-connect with old friends, meet amazing B2B marketers, and stay in touch with everything B2B!


Dates: April 8-10, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Organic traffic is great, but ultimately every brand needs leads and conversions in order to make any money. So guess what LeadsCon is focused on? You guessed it: LEADS!

LeadsCon is focused specifically on performance marketing — the type that converts. The event features a mix of keynote talks, breakout sessions, exhibits, and networking events. It’s a great opportunity to both learn and build new industry connections.

I’ve spoken here a few times and found the audience and speaker lineup pretty awesome.

CEX – Content Entrepreneur Expo

Dates: May 5-7, 2024

Location: Cleveland, OH

This event being run by my good friend and amazing content entrepreneur himself Joe Pulizzi will bring together more hundreds of content creators, owners and influencers…all gathering to build more loyal audiences, generate substantially more revenue, become smarter at content operations, and understand new Web3 business models.

CEX 2024 is for content entrepreneurs interested in building and growing their content businesses without relying on social platforms.

If you are truly serious about the business of content and growing your content business, this is the event for you. The best networking, food/drinks and (probably) the getaway you deserve.

Ignite USA

Dates: Dates TBD (Typically the 3rd week in May)

Location: Chicago, IL

I attended and spoke in 2023 and for the first time thought, OK now I know events are back! There was a lot of conversation about the impact of AI, how marketing was changing and how consistent focus on adding value to your buyers wins every time. Ok well at least that’s what I said. Looking forward to more details about this event coming soon.


Wil Reynolds (He/Him)

Dates: June 3-4, 2024

Location: Seattle, WA

MozCon proclaims to be “not your average marketing conference,” and we agree. It hones in on extremely actionably and tactical approaches to SEO and other components of search marketing, which we know is one of the most critical components of every marketing strategy, but also one of the fastest changing.

Their speakers and agenda are always chock full of SEO smarties. If you’re looking for a speaker to check out, I have one: Wil Reynolds is one of the smartest minds in SEO!


Date: Sept 10-12, 2024

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that artificial intelligence is becoming a core component of every data-driven content strategy (and they should all be data-driven). MAICON, the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference, focuses on how human marketers can leverage AI-powered marketing technology better, smarter, strategies that lead to bigger results.

Specifically, they aim to cover how to make every software tool marketers use — for email, search, ad buying, automation, content strategy, and more — more effective by leveraging AI.


Dates: Sept 18-20, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

Inbound is a (huge) annual marketing event hosted by marketing guru brand Hubspot, and it’s set to once again be one of the best marketing events this year. Past events featured speakers like Michelle Obama, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Oprah Winfrey (Oh my!) and is attended by tens of thousands of people from around the world.

As you might expect from Hubspot, the event covers a really wide range of topics for marketers and also features meetup sessions and other interactive events to help attendees network with peers.

Content Marketing World

Dates: October 21-23, 2024

Location: San Diego, CA

Content marketing world is the largest four-day content event in the world and one of the only marketing events that focuses exclusively on content marketing. You’ll learn why content marketing matters. You’ll see examples and frameworks of how to develop a content marketing strategy (my workshop on day 1).

You’ll see case studies on how to reach, engage and convert new customers. You’ll learn how to create meaningful content experiences. You’ll meet amazing content marketers from all over the world

One of the reasons why this is an event I never miss is because Content Marketing World puts an emphasis on building a content community. The event is attended by thousands of content marketers from big brands, emerging brands, agencies and more, and it features more than 100 sessions, workshops, and forums led by leaders in the industry. But you’ll make life-long friends. You’ll see that the fun and the learning never stop – long after the event is over.

Want to get a glimpse of what you can expect? Check out the Content Marketing Institute’s video from last year.

If content technology and strategy is part of your focus, you might also want to attend CMI’s ContentTECH Summit, June 20-22. This event brings together practitioners and thought leaders in content tech innovation, process, and strategy.

The Best Reason To Attend This Year's Marketingprofs B2B Forum - Marketing Insider GroupMarketingProfs B2B Forum

Dates: November 12-14, 2024

Location: Boston, MA

I love this event so much I have attended close to 10 years. Why? Because B2B marketing has its own set of trends, best practices, and quirks that differ from regular B2C strategies. That’s why MarketingProfs has held this event specifically every year dedicated to addressing topics relevant to brands in the B2B space.

The MarketingProfs B2B forum is hosted by my good friend Ann Handley (the one on the accordion!) and covers proven strategies, actionable insights, and interactive huddles that make it an engaging two-day event. Even better? A ticket to the event includes a full year of PRO membership to their many resources!


Dates: October 27-30, 2024

Location: Portland, OR

Ok this is my favorite new little gem. I’m not sure if I can go this year but it seems amazing! LavaCon started in Hawaii (get it?) but now takes place in a new location every year. The aim of the conference is to help marketing organizations leverage content technologies — an always-relevant topic in a world where technology is changing every single day. But, like many of the other events we shared, it’s also focused on building community and sharing best practices.

Digital Summit

Digital Summit events are held annually in multiple cities across the country. Thanks to the number of events they hold, their multiple formats, and wide range of topics, the Digital Summit Series is one of the most accessible and high-value marketing events in the industry.

I spoke to some amazing, masked-up digital marketing crowds at a couple of these summits in previous years and the crowds were hungry for marketing insight and ready to connect with their peers. Some potential upcoming cities on the tour (dates and locations for 2024 TBD).

  • Phoenix: March 29-30, 2024
  • Washington DC: April 18-19, 2024
  • Philadelphia, PA: October 5-6, 2024

B2B Marketing EXPO

Date: November, 2024

Location: London, UK

B2B Marketing Expo is one of the best marketing events in the UK and a must-attend for any B2B Marketer. I was honored to speak at this event 3 years ago and was shocked at just how many smart marketers I watched on the stage and met during the show.

This year’s theme is focused on the future of marketing and the innovations that are impacting the way B2B companies communicate and convert.

Create Your Own Amazing Marketing Event?

In 2023, I’ve already had half a dozen companies reach out to request a marketing keynote or in-person marketing workshop. My main goal is always to align marketing teams on what marketing really should be and how we can measure Marketing ROI. So if you’re looking to align your team around the kind of marketing you can be proud of (and your CEO would be happy with) then contact me now!

And if you’re looking to drive an annual content strategy that attracts the right buyers to your website, our team can help. Our writers and SEO experts can deliver optimized, ready-to-publish content every week for one year (or more!). Build on what you learn at these events and out those best practices into action.

Check out our weekly content subscription service to learn more or schedule a quick consultation with me today!

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