There are many reputation marketing solutions available. They can vary in approach, however, the three objectives are:

  • Proactively build a strong online digital entity that dominates Google page 1 for your personal and/or business brand.
  • Monitor your brand’s mentions across the Internet and if necessary, take corrective action.
  • Monitor your brand for online mentions and reviews

Google Eeat

Proactively build a strong online digital entity

As part of your reputation marketing solution, you need to create a positive online brand that communicates trust with both potential customers and Google.

Effective reputation marketing solutions involve providing expert-level content that satisfies Google’s E-E-A-T quality guidelines. EEAT stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Google uses EEAT to evaluate the quality of your web page content.

Google's recognition of a strong brand extends beyond your website and a couple of social media profiles. They refer to an entity as your brand mentions and content extending across the Internet.

An established entity is a powerful component of your reputation marketing solution.

How to implement an effective reputation marketing solution

The Brand Velocity Program approach helps to build your personal brand’s entity by building a customized branding network of over 20 high authority sites.

Dominating Google page 1 for your brand is a strong solution that helps prevent a bad review from achieving a page 1 ranking.

As you publish quality content on your blog, it’s automatically syndicated across your personal branding network. This includes your social media profiles.

Brand Velocity Construction Illustration

Monitor and respond to reviews

You can begin by monitoring your brand mentions and reviews with free online management tools. Both Google Alerts and Talkwalker will email you when and where your brand is mentioned. It’s advisable to have an action plan for negative feedback. It helps so you don’t respond “off the cuff” and emotionally to a negative review. You need to professionally respond to a negative review and, if true, reply on what corrective action your business has taken to remedy the situation. 


If the review was honest and did cite a legitimate issue, then post a thank you and state the corrective action that you've taken to correct the problem. This sends a message that you're serious about your customer's experience and are willing to take corrective action.

If the review wasn't honest or accurate, then put a positive spin on your response. You can indicate that you cannot confirm the issue, or fine the person in your customer database; and that you'd appreciate it if the person who posted the negative review would contact you to discuss it. This communicates that you looked into the issue and are willing to discuss the issue further. It's all about the customer's perception of how authentic you are.

Third-Party Validation

Third-party validation goes a long way to help your brand online. Third-party validation includes:

  • Your customers and business partners helping to promote your brand
  • Submitting content to authority blogs that link back to your website
  • Incorporate a PR campaign including press releases

Google views this activity as part of your brand’s entity.

The Brand Velocity program includes training on how to obtain third-party validation and a unique way to obtain customer video testimonials.


The best reputation marketing solution is the foundation for an online reputation management strategy. This helps you to maintain a positive online presence for your personal brand. This includes:

·  Regularly publishing and distributing expert-level content

·  Proactively monitoring your brand

·  Proactively taking corrective action, if necessary