The following is a list of my publications which include interviews and contributed content in the areas of entrepreneurship, digital marketing and video-related topics.

The Brand Velocity Program provides training on how to acquire earned media that helps to build your personal brand online.  

There are three benefits that you'll receive from an effective earned media campaign:

1. Backlinks to your site. 2.  Traffic from the sites that publish your content and 3. Building trust with Google. This can result in good search engine rankings.

V. Michael Santoro Publications

Authority Magazine - Exclusive Interview

V Michael Santoro Of Brand How AI Is Disrupting Our Industry, and What We Can Do About It. My interview discusses how AI is disrupting the digital marketing industry.

Excerpt from the Authority Magazine podcast interview about "Living Your Truth in Business."

Excerpt from the Authority Magazine podcast interview about "Building Topical Authority."

Authority Magazine - Exclusive Interview

5 Lessons I Learned When I Created My App or SAAS, With Vito Michael Santoro & Mitch Russo

Marketer Interview Blog - Exclusive Interview

Interview with V. Michael Santoro: Insights on Online Personal Branding

DemandJump Podcast Interview

Topical Authority: Advice for Solopreneurs and Startups with Guest V. Michael Santoro

CourseMethod Blog - Exclusive Interview

Interview with V. Michael Santoro: How V. Michael Santoro Built the Brand Velocity Accelerator Program

Mastering the Business of Well-being: V. Michael Santoro’s Entrepreneurial Blueprint

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the captivating journey of V. Michael Santoro—a seasoned entrepreneur and SEO virtuoso. From crafting successful marketing strategies in the high-tech industry to co-founding an award-winning SaaS company, Santoro’s entrepreneurial narrative is a rich tapestry of innovation, resilience, and adaptability.

8 Essential SEO Tips for New Bloggers to Boost Traffic!

My tip contribution was on "Using a Silo Structure for Categories."

Are Paid Sponsor Backlinks A Good Strategy For SEO?

My tip contribution was to "Evaluate High-DA Site Backlinks Carefully"

How to Choose an AI Content Generator for Content Creation? 24 Marketing Leaders Weigh In

Looking for an AI content generation tool to make your life easier? You’re not alone. The growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) has spurred a number of businesses, content creators, and marketers to embrace its transformative power in their content creation and marketing processes. 

V. Michael Santoro is number 9 - 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, leveraging cutting-edge technologies has become essential for staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional results. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and specifically ChatGPT, has emerged as a powerful tool in the marketer's arsenal, offering innovative solutions to enhance digital marketing capabilities.

V. Michael Santoro's contribution covers how in 2023-2024, companies will need to migrate to becoming education-based companies that sell solutions to their niche markets.

The Easy Daily Habits 24 Executives Say Give Them an Edge

I was #17. Think of projects as white-water rafting.



How to become an internet entrepreneur in midlife

My contribution: 1. Test the waters before investing in a custom website.

The Impact of ChatGPT on Marketing: 20 Experts Tell Us What to Expect

Marketers who adopt ChatGPT will soon see sweeping changes in the words, data, and processes they use. Here are some of the most important ways experts predict ChatGPT will impact general marketing. See my contribution.

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Dear Databox: How Do I Increase Traffic to My B2B SaaS Site?

What should you do when you want to increase traffic to your B2B SaaS website? We consulted B2B marketers about their tactics and challenges. See my contribution.

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Company Branding Publications

For the previous company I cofounded, I was responsible for building our brand through earned media.

It provides examples of how to simultaneously build both your personal and company brands online. Here is a link to the site's news and publications page.

We're Here to Help You!

Brand Velocity is here to help entrepreneurs build their personal and company's bands online. This is required to build authority and trust with both Google and potential customers.

The Brand Velocity blog posts provide comprehensive and up-to-date information to help you. We also offer the Brand Velocity Program which is a step-by-step course to help you to correctly build your personal brand online.

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