The Podcast Pre-Production Checklist is an essential guide for podcasters to ensure a smooth and well-organized preparation phase before recording an episode.

This checklist covers crucial steps to set the foundation for a successful podcast interview or discussion with a guest.

By conducting thorough research, coordinating with guests, and planning the interview format and questions in advance, you can create engaging and informative content that resonates with your audience. 

Podcast Pre-Production Checklist

Following this checklist will help you and guests feel well-prepared and confident, leading to a productive and enjoyable podcasting experience.

Podcast Pre-production Checklist

1. Define Podcast Episode Objective

  • Determine the purpose and objective of the episode to maintain focus during pre-production.

2. Choose Episode Format

  • Decide on the episode format, such as solo, interview, roundtable discussion, or narrative storytelling.

3. Research and Gather Resources

  • Conduct thorough research on the episode's topic to gather supporting materials, statistics, and examples.

4. Create Episode Outline or Script

  • Develop a detailed outline or script outlining the episode's structure and key talking points.

5. Prepare Guest Information (if applicable)

  • If featuring a guest, share the episode outline and relevant details with them for preparation.

6. Plan Interview Questions (if applicable)

  • Prepare thoughtful and engaging questions for guest interviews.

7. Set Recording Date and Time

  • Schedule a specific date and time for the recording session.

8. Confirm Recording Equipment

  • Ensure all recording equipment, including microphones and headphones, are set up and in working condition.

9. Test Recording Environment

  • Choose a quiet and well-insulated recording space to minimize background noise and disturbances.

10. Conduct Mic Check and Sound Test

  • Perform a microphone check and sound test to adjust recording levels for optimal audio quality.

11. Coordinate with Guests (if applicable)

  • Communicate with guests to confirm recording details and ensure availability.

12. Prepare Intro and Outro Scripts

  • Write engaging intro and outro scripts to set the tone and provide context for the episode.

13. Design Episode Artwork

  • Create visually appealing episode artwork that aligns with the podcast's branding.

14. Prepare Show Notes and Resources

  • Draft show notes that summarize the episode's content and provide links to relevant resources.

15. Double-Check Technical Setup

  • Verify that recording software and any necessary plugins or tools are ready for use.

16. Review and Rehearse

  • Review the episode outline or script and rehearse to become familiar with the content.

17. Organize Files and Assets

  • Create a folder with all necessary files and assets for easy access during the recording session.

18. Set a Recording Schedule

  • Allocate time for specific segments of the episode, ensuring a structured and efficient recording process.

19. Prepare any Additional Media

  • If using sound effects or background music, have them ready for integration during post-production.

20. Confirm Guest Reminders (if applicable)

  • Send a friendly reminder to guests about the recording session, including the date and time.

Additional podcast pre-production information.

By following this podcast pre-production checklist, you can ensure that you are well-prepared for a smooth and successful recording session, resulting in a high-quality and engaging podcast episode.

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