The Podcast Guest Checklist is a valuable tool for podcast hosts preparing to host insightful and enjoyable interviews with guests.

 Whether featuring experts, influencers, or industry professionals, this checklist ensures that you, as a host approaches guest interviews with professionalism and hospitality.

From researching potential guests and confirming availability to conducting pre-interview calls and preparing engaging questions, you can create a positive and meaningful guest experience. 

Podcast Guest Checklist

By following this checklist, you can foster fruitful relationships with guests, while providing your audience with enriching and diverse content through guest collaborations.

Podcast Guest Checklist

1. Research Potential Guests

  • Identify individuals with expertise or insights relevant to your podcast's niche or topic.

2. Confirm Guest Availability

  • Reach out to potential guests to check their availability for the recording session.

3. Schedule Recording Date and Time

  • Coordinate with the guest to set a mutually convenient date and time for the interview.

4. Provide Episode Details

  • Share information about the podcast's format, topic, and episode objectives with the guest.

5. Share Interview Format

  • Inform the guest about the interview format (e.g., casual conversation, Q&A, or structured discussion).

6. Plan Interview Questions

  • Prepare a thoughtful list of interview questions to guide the conversation.

7. Share Interview Guidelines

  • Provide guidelines for the interview, such as time duration and any specific topics to cover.

8. Arrange Recording Equipment

  • Ensure that all recording equipment, including microphones and headphones, are in good working condition.

9. Conduct Pre-Interview Call

  • Schedule a pre-interview call to introduce yourself, discuss the interview process, and answer any questions the guest may have.

10. Send Recording Platform Details

  • Share information about the recording platform or software you will use for the interview.

11. Set Clear Expectations

  • Inform the guest about the expected level of formality and any specific points to emphasize during the interview.

12. Remind Guest of Recording Date

  • Send a friendly reminder to the guest a day or two before the recording session.

13. Conduct the Interview

  • Start the recording on time and guide the conversation based on the prepared questions.

14. Respect the Guest's Time

  • Be mindful of the agreed-upon interview duration and avoid unnecessary delays.

15. Express Gratitude

  • Thank the guest for their participation and insights at the end of the interview.

16. Share Release Date and Promotion Plan

  • Inform the guest about the episode's release date and how you plan to promote it.

17. Request Guest Bio and Headshot

  • Ask the guest to provide a brief bio and headshot for promotional purposes.

18. Edit and Review the Interview

  • Edit the interview audio to remove any mistakes or interruptions, and send the guest the final version for review if desired.

19. Send Guest the Episode Link

  • Once the episode is live, share the link with the guest so they can promote it on their platforms.

20. Follow Up and Express Gratitude

  • Send a thank-you email or note to the guest for their valuable contribution to your podcast.

More information on podcast guest performance.

By following this podcast guest checklist, you can ensure a positive and well-organized experience for your guests, leading to engaging and valuable podcast episodes.

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