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Message In A Bottle Arrives On Beach To Represent Old Methods Of Paid Content Distribution That Need To Be Updated

In a world where every click counts and attention spans are shrinking, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content not only reaches your audience but also resonates with them.

This isn’t just about throwing content into the digital universe and hoping for the best. It’s about strategically placing your message in front of the right eyes at the right time. And who better to guide you through this than the pros who live and breathe effective content distribution every day?

You’re not just looking to catch someone’s eye. You’re aiming to engage, inform, and ultimately, convert. This is where the magic of paid content distribution comes into play.

From the targeted precision of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to the expansive reach of the Google Display Network, each tool and tactic we’re about to dive into is a piece of the puzzle in crafting your content’s journey from creation to conversion.

1. Programmatic Native Advertising: Zemanta

Graphic Shows Zemanta Advertisement As A Programmatic Ad Technology Built For Engagement

Image Source: Zemanta

At Marketing Insider Group, we use Zemanta, an Outbrain company, for all our clients. Zemanta revolutionizes programmatic advertising with its comprehensive native advertising platform and Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Known for precise targeting and access to premium publishers, Zemanta enhances ad optimization and reach. Its integration with Outbrain’s network makes it a powerful tool for effective paid content distribution, catering to the needs of modern digital marketing.

Why Zemanta?

  • Utilizes a sophisticated Demand Side Platform for efficient native ad buying and optimization
  • Offers access to a vast network of premium publishers, enhancing ad visibility across various platforms
  • Advanced targeting options like audience segmentation and behavioral insights for more relevant ad placements

The numbers

  • Zemanta achieves an average Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.36%
  • The platform offers a competitive Average Cost Per Click (CPC) of $0.10, making it an economical choice for marketers
  • With an Average Cost Per Mille (CPM) of $0.35, Zemanta provides cost-effective visibility for ad campaigns
  • Zemanta’s massive scale of operations is highlighted by its involvement in 8 trillion auctions, showcasing its extensive reach in the digital ad space

2. Targeting a Niche Professional Audience: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

Graphic Shows Linkedin Sponsored Updates As An Example Of Paid Content Distribution 

Image Source: Instapage

LinkedIn provides unmatched targeting based on first-person qualified data, reaching professionals with an aspirational mindset. With Sponsored Updates, brands can reach members with their News Feed, bringing them valuable information and insight wherever they are, on their desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Why Sponsored Updates?

  • LinkedIn has over 850 million members globally, with 59 million companies having a LinkedIn Page.
  • Multiple targeting options (e.g. industry, job title, seniority, edu, geo, groups, etc.)
  • Multiple ad solutions, including inMail, banner ads, Showcase pages and new Lead Accelerator for ROI tracking

The numbers

  • 91% of business marketers prefer LinkedIn for content distribution – more than any other platform
  • 64% of corporate website traffic comes from LinkedIn, more than Facebook or X
  • 43% of marketers have sourced a customer from LinkedIn

3. Sharing Top-Performing Content: Sharethrough

Graphic Shows Example Of Sharethrough

Image Source: X

Sharethrough provides brands with a native advertising platform, which allows marketers to serve their branded content within publisher editorial streams, matching the look and feel of each publication. Its software integrates branded content from marketers like Intel and Pepsi into the feeds of publishers like Forbes and Time Inc. It is advertising for the modern internet.

For the self-service solution, there is no minimum cost, but rather a cost per impression. For full-service, however, the minimum spend is $20,000, which may eliminate this solution for smaller budgets. Because of these pricing models, you’ll want to make sure you’re only paying to share the best content you have.

Why Sharethrough?

  • Partnerships with over 1200 media publishers, including People, Forbes, Time Inc. and Business Insider
  • Target based on audience type, device, geography, income, gender, and age; by channel, by demo or interest

The numbers

  • 247M viewers (94% US reach), 122M mobile uniques
  • Consumers look at in-feed ads 52% more frequently than banner ads
  • 500+ Native Ad campaigns delivered since 2012

4. Targeting a Specific Audience: Nativo

Graphic Shows Example Of Nativo Audience Targeting Features 

Image Source: Nativo

Nativo is an alternative native advertising solution to Sharethrough, but doesn’t work with as many premium brands and works primarily through agencies.

Nativo’s core differentiator is that it allows you to drop a retargeting pixel so companies can use their existing bottom-funnel mechanisms.  Its analytics also allows real-time monitoring of time spent with your brand’s content.

Why Nativo?

  • 7,000+ publisher sites in network, including Newsweek, Entrepreneur, and USA Today
  • Robust targeting and 3rd party tracking of content, by geo, device, network, and day parting

The numbers

  • Nativo’s programmatic platform improves native advertising performance by 300%
  • Up to 172M uniques per month

5. Content Distribution on a Budget: Outbrain

Graphic Shows Example Of Outbrain Ads

Image Source: Outbrain

Almost everyone has encountered Outbrain, whether you’ve realized it or now. With Outbrain, links to your brand’s content appear as recommendations on publisher sites including sites like, Slate and ESPN.

Outbrain recommends 150 billion articles and videos each month to more than a half a billion people worldwide. This solution is the most affordable since it has a cost-per-click price model, with a $10 daily minimum. That said, the audience targeting is not nearly as sophisticated as native advertising solutions and many may view Outbrain recommendations as spam.

Why Outbrain?

  • Cost-per-click price model
  • Works with 80% of Forbes Top 50 brands
  • Promote articles and blog posts, videos and YouTube channels, press, 3rd party reviews

The numbers

  • 229M monthly uniques globally
  • 250 billion monthly recommendations served to consumers
  • Reaches 87% of US online population each month
  • Bounce rate 42% lower than search and social
  • 2x the page views per session then search and social

6. Programmatic Display Advertising: Google Display Network (GDN)

Graphic Shows Example Of Google Display Network

Image Source: Disruptive Advertising

Google Display Network offers a comprehensive solution for programmatic display advertising, reaching a broad audience across the internet. It utilizes Google’s extensive network to deliver targeted ads, offering flexibility in ad formats and advanced targeting capabilities. This method is highly effective due to its vast reach and customizable ad options.

Why GDN?

  • Access to a vast range of websites and audiences globally
  • Advanced targeting options including demographics, interests, and user behavior
  • Flexibility in ad formats (image, interactive, video)

The numbers

  • Reaches over 90% of global internet users
  • Advertisers see an average of 180% ROI

7. Influencer Collaborations: BuzzSumo

Graphic Shows Example Of Buzzsumo Influencer Collaborations Results 

Image Source: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo facilitates effective influencer marketing by connecting brands with influential content creators. This platform offers insights into trending topics and helps identify influencers who can authentically promote content, significantly boosting engagement and reach.

Why BuzzSumo?

  • Enables targeted outreach to influencers with significant followings
  • Offers insights into content trends and popular topics within an industry
  • Influencers can provide authentic and trusted promotion

The numbers

  • Users report up to 3x increase in engagement through influencer collaborations
  • Over 50% of marketers believe influencer content outperforms brand-created content

8. Video Advertising: YouTube Ads

Graphic Shows Example Of Youtube Ads

Image Source: YouTube

YouTube Ads provide a powerful platform for video advertising, leveraging the second largest search engine’s massive audience. It offers diverse ad formats and detailed targeting options, making it an ideal choice for engaging users with varied interests and behaviors.

Why YouTube Ads?

  • Wide reach with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users
  • Various ad formats including skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads
  • Detailed targeting options based on demographics, interests, and viewing habits

The numbers

  • Users spend over 1 billion hours on YouTube daily
  • Advertisers on YouTube typically receive a 2x higher ROI compared to traditional television

9. Mobile-First Advertising: TikTok Ads

Graphic Shows Example Of Tiktok Ads

Image Source: TikTok for Business

TikTok Ads specialize in mobile-first, short-form video content, appealing to a rapidly growing, younger audience. This platform is known for its high engagement rates and innovative ad formats, making it a unique choice for reaching the Gen Z and Millennial demographics.

Why TikTok Ads?

  • Rapidly growing user base, especially among younger demographics
  • High engagement rates due to creative and interactive content
  • Innovative ad formats tailored to mobile users

The numbers

  • Over 1 billion active users worldwide
  • Average user spends 52 minutes per day on the app
  • Higher engagement rates compared to other social platforms among Gen Z and Millennials

Maximize Impact with Paid Content Distribution Today

As we wrap up this deep dive into the world of paid content distribution, it’s clear that the landscape is as dynamic as it is diverse.

Each platform and strategy we’ve explored offers unique advantages, tailor-made to fit different aspects of your B2B marketing needs. Whether it’s leveraging the professional network of LinkedIn or harnessing the wide-reaching capabilities of Google Display Network, the key is to find the right mix that resonates with your audience and aligns with your business goals.

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