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About Us
V. Michael Santoro, Founder, is an SEO expert and experienced entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. 

He provides business development and digital marketing consulting services for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and startups.

He developed the 9-step Brand Velocity Accelerator Program. It helps you to affordably own Google for your personal brand and gain a competitive advantage.

This is accomplished through an automated customized personal branding network, effective content marketing strategy, and obtaining third-party validation.

The program can help you accelerate your personal brands growth and success which can build authority and trust with both Google and potential customers.

V. Michael Santoro, 

Brand Velocity Founder

Brand Velocity Program

The Brand Velocity Approach
No matter your background or experience, we provide the solution to help you succeed.

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to reach new target markets, a startup looking to establish a competitive advantage, or a solopreneur looking to save time and generate more leads, Brand Velocity is here to help.

Our Blog Content
Our Brand Velocity blog content covers various categories, including building brand awareness online, building rapport online, online reputation management, and small business entrepreneurship.

 We provide valuable real-world insights, tips, and strategies that can help you improve your business, and online presence, and achieve your personal branding goals.


 Don't take our word for it - here are what some of our satisfied customers have to say about the Accelerator Program:

5⭐ reviews

Nick Dukas Music brand Velocity Testimonial

Nick Dukas

Recording Artist

I’m a recording artist and knew to compete in such a challenging niche that I had to stand out. Thanks to the “Brand Velocity” program, I now dominate Google for my brand. Not only for page 1, but also for several sequential pages.

I still can’t believe it! I just hope other recording artists in my genre don’t hear about it! 

Jim Doulgeris Brand Velocity Testimonial

Jim Doulgeris

Published Author

I’m an award-winning published author. I can send email and post to social media and that’s about it. I always thought that I had to either become an online expert or pay a lot of money to build my brand online. Boy, was I wrong.

With “Brand Velocity,” I just followed the blueprint and my Google page 1 results speak for themselves.

Colleen Maguire Testimonial

Colleen Maguire

SaaS Consultant

I used the Brand Velocity program for a SaaS client that was experiencing issues with its online presence. Not only do they now control Google page 1 for their brand, but they are also now getting leads from their website.

I highly recommend this program. It’s both easy to follow and actionable for non-technical people.

Stan Pannone Testimonial

Stan Pannone

Qigong Master

I have been using the Brand Velocity program for the last several months. It's very systematic and put in language that I can follow, understand, and thankfully use.

I am a non-technical person and would never have been able to figure out the information and sequence needed to have an effective website and online brand.
I highly recommend this course. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will be glad that you did. It’s well worth the investment.

The Brand Velocity Accelerator Program
Our 9-step Brand Velocity Accelerator Program provides a complete, actionable blueprint for building your personal brand online.

You'll have access to affordable third-party resources, cutting-edge content marketing training using AI, and two bonus modules on writing a niche-specific book and creating an actionable training program - all designed to help you build your personal brand and establish a competitive advantage.

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